Friday 21 December 2012

Round the Tor 2012

Next on the racing agenda was a quick 10km race with Mike & family in Glastonbury....the inaugural Round the Tor.  The race took place on the 6th May, only a week after completing the Bracknell Half, which is my excuse for Mike beating me.

George preparing for the fun run
If you check the official results, you'll find that I'm not actually listed, as I ran under the name of a boy from Milfield school, where my brother teaches.  Anyway, I crossed the line in 50 minutes 54 seconds according to the official clock, although I made it 4 seconds less.  Mike finished the pretty hilly course in an impressive 47 minutes & 8 seconds....he claims he lost me at the start and thought I was in front of him, which is why he pushed on with the quick pace.

Before the off
All three boys (Daniel, George & Alfie) completed the Fun Run event on the same day, although Alfie needed a little assistance from his mother and sat in the pushchair all the way round.  Official results for the fun run are listed here

The 2013 race will hopefully bring about a return fixture where I'll be sure to beat Mike and perhaps even set myself a new PB.